Change the Way You Gift: 5 Stylish Eco-Gift Ideas

A Wave of Waste: A campaign by Corona with Parley for Oceans to raise awareness for World Oceans Day.

After the spotlight shed on the global plastic epidemic by programmes such as Blue Planet ll and A Plastic Ocean (a must watch on Netflix), there’s a growing swell within society finally taking notice of the impact that plastic pollution is having on our environment. Bans and objectives are finally coming into play, such as the ban on micro-beads in cosmetic products. Yet forecasts predict that if things continue as they are, there will be more weight in plastic than fish in our oceans.

In addition to this, over £1.2bn was wasted on unwanted gifts in the UK last year. That’s why, at Gyphto, our mission is to provide a smart and social way to eliminate unwanted gifts. By doing this we will reduce the quantity of unnecessary plastic and waste sent to landfill. Together with our app, take giftspiration from our top 5 stylish eco-friendly gift ideas to change the way you gift and the impact your gifts have on our environment.

1) Biodegradable Sunglasses

Look through rose-tinted spectacles, literally, with a pair of Tens sunglasses. Each pair is developed to apply a warm, orange filter on your view that is proven to make you feel happier or even just amplify that summer vibe. Not only are these glasses beautifully designed, but they are also 100% biodegradable made out of natural plant fibres. With an enviable Instagram, this Glasgow company is rising from strength to strength and even counts Richard Branson as a fan, as well as Gyphto.

2) Hot and Cold Water Bottle

In the UK 38.5 million plastic bottles are used EACH DAY – yet just over half of these bottles are recycled, the other 16 million tons are sent to landfill, burnt or leak into our oceans. So consider a reusable water bottle as your next gift to someone.

Not only is a reusable water bottle handy at keeping drinks hot or cold on the go – but there are many brands offering stylish bottles that will quickly become a daily accessory such as that offered by Chilly’s. Not only do their bottle’s make the perfect gift, they come in sophisticated packaging made out of recycled material that can be recycled again and again.

3) Plastic-free, Biodegradable Phone Case

This may look like your average phone case, but in fact it is fully plastic free and biodegradable. Pela is the only company offering a close plastic alternative to the 37 million iPhone cases sold each year. Their cases are made out of flax seed that is soft to touch yet doesn’t slip out your pocket. They offer free worldwide shipping and buy one get 50% off in a range of beautiful pastel colours and ranges.

4) Plastic Free Make Up

This range of sumptuous, natural make up by Rose Marie Swift has a loyal following of models, actresses and celebrities – including Meghan Markle and Gisele. We can see why as the products are easy to blend, enhance the natural qualities of your skin and come in high quality packaging completely free of plastic. A welcome upgrade from cheap, plastic drugstore makeup for sure.

5) Bamboo Toothbrush Subscription

All elements of a typical manual and electric toothbrush require plastic and non-renewable fuels in their production. Once thrown away they join BILLIONS of other plastic toothbrushes in getting lost yet never degrading in landfills. And it gets worse, they are also the perfect weight to float in water impacting our marine life and waterways. To change this, consider gifting a subscription such as The Pearly White club. They send ethically sourced bamboo toothbrushes as you need them, eliminating a small bit of plastic in your life and making sure you change your toothbrush regularly. Saving the planet and your teeth.

Feeling inspired to save our waves? Help our mission to eliminate unwanted gifts and plastic sent to landfill by using Gyphto – a group collection and gifting app. Use the power of your #squad to buy the best gifts. To see what we’re up to like our Facebook page by clicking the button below.

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