5 Group Wedding Gifts for the Ultimate Millennial Couple

5 group wedding gift ideas with gyphto for the ultimate millennial couple

Remove that cutlery set from your basket right now – buy something they REALLY want. As more and more couples are living together before tying the knot, they probably have the essentials down already. So whether you’re the newlyweds to be or friends pondering the registry list – why not start a group collection towards these splurge worthy gifts that will stretch out the honeymoon period that little bit further.

1) Honeymoon Adventure

young couple honeymoon bali airbnb luxury group wedding gift ideas with gyphto

Let’s face it weddings are expensive. So an exotic holiday straight after it might be a stretch for some couples. Consider chipping in towards an incredible Airbnb like this one in Bali to kick off a lifetime of unforgettable adventures. Check out some of the amazing value properties available:


2) DSLR Camera

canon DSLR camera millennial group wedding gift ideas with gyphto

Elevate your Instagram game from standard iPhone snaps to the real deal. This simple Canon DSLR camera is perfect to start capturing high quality photos and videos from adventures #couplegoals

Canon EOS 2000D DSLR Camera and EF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens, Black, £419.99


3) Sonos Home Sound System

Sonos home sound system wedding gift ideas with gyphto

Stream music wirelessly throughout your home and ask Alexa to turn it up. The Sonos soundsytem is one of the best on the market and a worthy investment for this discreet, powerful speaker.

Sonos Play 1, £149


4) Comfy but Stylish Sofa

comfy corner sofa group wedding gift ideas with gyphto

A major component of couple life is snuggled up in front of the TV on a weekday so help them chill in style for years to come. Consider a big corner sofa that’s great for having pals round and naps.


5) Statement Art

statement art living millennial group wedding gifts with gyphto

A piece of really nice art is probably not at the top of your essentials list – but it will make an incredibly meaningful wedding gift that you can both treasure forever. Art Finder is a great website for finding up and coming original artists.


As many large-scale pieces can be out of budget for many – consider setting up a group collection with Gyphto for friends to chip in towards making your house a home.

great ideas with gyphto

Gyphto is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to chip in money towards group funds. Eliminate the hassle of collecting money for group gifts, special occasions and travel. In just 3 steps create a group collection, invite friends, family and work mates to chip in and buy the perfect gift with your #squad.

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