2018 Halloween Party ESSENTIALS!

It's getting colder, the nights are getting darker, it can only mean one thing... Halloween is well and truly on the way! 👻👻 If you're like us here at Gyphto HQ and are getting very into the spooky spirit...

...we can help you sort out an amazing halloween celebration! If you’ve not sorted out your Halloween plans yet then consider these party essentials to throw your own party (who wants to go sweat off their costume in a club somewhere anyway…?) Use Gyphto to chip in with your mates towards a great night in!

1) Scary Movies

No halloween party is complete without some scary horror movies to put on. Get totally lost in the action with this amazing projector bundle from Amazon that comes with the smart projector, screen and tripod (and will seriously freak out your friends!) If you're needing a bit of inspiration check out this list of the 150 best horror movies of all time by Rotten Tomatoes!

ABIS Projector Bundle: HD Smart LED Projector with Projector Screen, Ceiling Mount/Tripod Stand, 10m HDMI (HD6000+ Black + 84" Electric Screen), £339.98

2) Costumes

So you're almost ready to go, now you need a killer squad outfit! If you're needing a last minute fix, we love the Student Beans pick of In The Style halloween outfits you can throw on (p.s. you get 20% student discount through Student Beans!)

OR if you have a little more time to put something together, or just prefer the DIY aspect, we love some of these costume ideas by Marie Claire, including Chanel from Scream Queens, Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!

3) Camera

Since you've all gone to extreme lengths to come up with amazing costume creations, you're definitely going to have to capture these in picture form! We love the cute Instax range which instantly print out credit card size photos you can keep, hand out, stick on the walls - whatever! This one has an inclusive selfie mirror and close-up lens attachment, to let you capture the spooky shannanagins all night!

Instax Mini 9 Camera with 10 Shots, £71.40

​4) Halloween cocktails

Halloween is the perfect event to get together and make some amazing drinks with your mates! We love this recipe from Heather Christo for a dark and sweet Blood Orange Punch (keep the vampires happy...) Feel free to leave out the rum for an equally chilling non-alcoholic version!

250ml chilled blood orange juice 1l sparkling lemonade 250ml rum

60ml fresh lime juice 1 cup fresh blackberries 1 blood orange thinly sliced

Combine in a bowl with ice and serve! Why not chip in for some of these stunning skull mason presentation jars from Amazon for the perfect halloween party nightcap!

Puckator Skull Design Drinking Glass Jar with Straw and Metal Lid, £6.98

5) Decorations

Finally, decorations are ESSENTIAL to get into the spirit for your spooky night in! We love some of these options from our friends over at notonthehighstreet.com - glitter chandeliers with skulls, bats and crows, day of the dead skull lanterns, and pumpkin fairy lights! Your pad will never look scarier.

Feeling inspired this season?! This is just one way that you can use Gyphto to start a group collection for any party. In just 3 steps create a group collection, invite friends, family and work mates to chip in and organise the best night with your #squad. Gyphto launches on the Apple app store soon – like our Facebook page to see what we’re up to and keep up to date with all Gyphto news!

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