Back to University - The BEST Student Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! All of the university cities are bracing themselves for an influx of students ready for a week or two of fresher’s carnage. Going to uni is super exciting, butttt it can also be stressful trying to pack your whole life into the back of a car! For some new students it’ll be the first time heading away from home, so we’ve put together our pick of the best possible gifts to make things a bit easier for someone flying the nest! If someone you know could do with one of these goodbye gifts, use the Gyphto app to organise a group collection for it!

1) Homeware and Decorations

Leaving behind your old bedroom and moving to empty new accommodation can be daunting! A gift to make their new pad a bit more homey is ideal for a new student, and can range between anything like fairy lights, bedspreads, posters, or personalised picture frames. We’re big fans of these custom made bottle lamps from Braw Wee Emporium (they can be made from their favourite drinks bottle!) A perfect gift to help them settle in.

Custom Made Bottle Lamps, £38-65

2) Minifridge

This gift is essential for keeping the late-night study snacks close (and any wandering hands off their stuff...)! There are loads of affordable options like this Subcold 10L fridge on Amazon! Give them a group gift they’ll really use with this student staple.

Subcold Ultra 10 Mini Fridge Cooler & Warmer, £54.99

Find it on Amazon:

3) A diary/journal

Amongst all the excitement of fresher’s week and signing up for new classes and clubs, it’s easy to forget to take a minute to write things down and reflect on the life change. Treat them to a lovely journal or diary that they can read back and enjoy when they’re no longer at uni! Maybe even jot in some notable dates and comments to make them smile!

Maia Gifts Light Grey Book Cloth Journal

4) Sturdy Rucksack

Carting supplies back and forth from accommodation to lectures to the library every day requires a bag that’s going to keep up. Here at Gyphto we love this sturdy rucksack from Forty - it’s water repellant and has a handy side entry pocket for laptops and tablets. Start a group collection for this and give them something they can use every day.

Forty X Doughnut Colorado Colab Bag, £90

5) Speakers

We cannot stress enough how great a gift a high-quality portable speaker is for a student. This Ultimate Ears speaker is perfect for chilling in the flat or being the life of the party, is bluetooth enabled, and is waterproof and shockproof (no worries about spilling any drinks near it!) Start a group collection for this and watch them become a BNOC overnight.

UE Boom 2, £89

Find it on Amazon:

Finally, as an extra hack for making the most out of #StudentLife, let the student in your life know where to get the best deals with their new status! There are hundreds of discounts out there available to students. Signing up for sites such as Student Beans and UNiDAYS can highlight where the best deals are. Also, getting them a Swipii loyalty card to use around campus is a great way to collect points towards rewards and offers! Sorted.

Student Beans:



Now that you know what to get for someone taking their first steps into student life, use Gyphto to start a group collection for it! Gyphto is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to chip in money towards group funds. Eliminate the hassle of collecting money for group gifts, special occasions and travel. In just 3 steps create a group collection, invite friends, family and work mates to chip in and buy the perfect gift with your #squad. Look out for Gyphto launching on the Apple App Store this autumn!

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