5 Fitness Gifts for Her in 2018

The buzz surrounding the Glasgow 2018 European Championships has just about died off here at Gyphto HQ... but at least it got us thinking about using the last of the good weather and getting active! So if the resident gym buff or yoga bunny in your life has an occasion coming up, why not start a group collection on Gyphto with your friends towards these body-friendly gifts that even Team GB would approve of.

1) Heart Rate/Activity Monitoring Smartwatch

The use of smartwatches and heart monitors has exploded over the last few years due to the ease of use, decent prices and - most importantly - accurate and powerful tracking abilities. There are loads of options to choose from, however we favour this Garmin VivoMove in rose gold for looking fashionable on the move.

Garmin 010-01850-02 vivomove HR Hybrid Smartwatch, Small/Medium - Rose Gold/White, £169.99


2) Supplement Subscription Box

Help them stay their best with a seasonal wellness box containing a carefully selected range of proven and exceptional food supplements! The boxes change each season to adapt to the different needs of the body. Start a group collection towards one and help her avoid the dreaded freshers’ flu!

Hello Day Seasonal Subscription Box, £79


3) Smoothie Blender

Take the hassle out of making a nutritious breakfast with a smoothie blender – just chuck in whatever fruit and veg is available, whizz and go, helping them to #EatClean easily! This Breville one comes with two portable bottles for taking on the go.

Breville VBL062 Blend-Active Blender, £32.91


4) Resistance bands

With resistance bands, you can do just about any type of strength training exercise - chest presses, rows, shoulder presses, tricep extensions, bicep curls, and even squats - without the need for heavy weights. These can be combined with any of the other gifts for a perfect all-rounder group gift. Chip in and save her a costly trip to the gym!

ProTone Resistance Bands, £19.99


5) Audible Subscription

Let’s face it... exercising can sometimes be a bit boring without something to keep you focussed! Start a group collection for an Audible subscription so she can discover some favourite new audiobooks whilst working out, keeping that #GymMotivation for as long as possible!

Audible Audiobook Subscription, £7.99/month


Now that you know exactly what to get for your healthiest mates, use Gyphto to start a group collection for it! Gyphto is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to chip in money towards gifts and group funds. Eliminate the hassle of collecting money for group gifts, special occasions and travel. In just 3 steps create a group collection, invite friends, family and work mates to chip in and buy the perfect gift with your #squad. Look out for Gyphto launching on the Apple App Store this summer!

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