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About Gyphto

Your Leading Group Gifting App On the Market

At Gyphto it is our mission to make it easy for friends, family and colleagues to buy gifts for each other. Gyphto is a group gifting App that streamlines and simplifies the group collection and gift giving process.


Gyphto ends the phenomena of not knowing what to buy somebody or receiving unwanted gifts.

Buy the ideal gift  for your friends, family and colleagues no matter what the occasion be it a graduation, birthday, wedding, new job, or baby shower through our range of partner stores.

Gyphto connects unconnected gift givers. Everybody can share in the gift experience no matter where they are allowing you to reach out to your contacts to setup a secure collection so nobody is left out.  Being online means there is not need for money gifts, brown envelope whip rounds or collections and no more lost cash.

Gyphto is quick and easy to set up and sociable.  Exchange 'inapp' messages with your gift or event group to discuss what to buy. When you have bought the gift you can share pictures and videos of the purchased gift in use!


What people think of Gyphto...

Shopping for gifts with friends can get pretty trivial when money's involved. Gyphto would prevent any conflict in the gifting process which would stop the stress of birthday gifts, I'd definitely use it

—  Kirsty G, 21

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